Consensus Big Board

The NBA Draft Consensus Rankings are a collection of Big Boards (not Mocks) from notable draftniks from around the web. “B-Mean” is a weighted average of these Big Boards based on confidence in the ranker (track record, league contacts, reputation, etc.). “B-Value” applies a simple formula that uses the “B-Mean” and “Median” to come up with a number that expresses what one might consider to be a player’s Consensus Ranking.

The Board and it’s analytics are done by Brett Huff for the last 7 years and has been featured in sports media and referenced by prominent analysts.  You can find Brett on Twitter @BrettHuff22

Color coding key:

  • Purple – Top 1 Ranking, Tier: “#1”
  • Blue – Top 2, “Early Lotto”
  • Baby Blue – Top 5, “Lotto”
  • Green – Top 10, “Late Lotto”
  • Yellow – Top 20, “1st”
  • Orange – Top 30, “Late 1st”
  • Red – Top 40, “2nd”
  • Dark Red – Top 50, “Fringe”
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